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Okay, so not all heroes leap from tall buildings in a single bound nor don leotards, nor vibrant capes.  Most heroes are just average citizens doing good deeds.  Small things, that become big things from a single gesture of kindness.

Sadly on the evening of August 5, the neighborhood Castro elementary school, the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy was burglarized, ransacked and vandalized.  According to Principal Tracy Peoples, the Main Office, Principal’s Office, Student Art Room and Teacher’s Resource Room along with nearby hallways were completely trashed with paint thrown over everything, files and papers dumped, medical supplies breached, stamps, school supplies and some office furniture destroyed.  Additionally, 12 FLIP video cameras for students were stolen along with Principal Peoples’ school laptop.  Damage estimates are not yet in, but surely more than $5,000.   Needless to say, the first day of school was terribly overshadowed by this awful event.

Thanks to the Castro merchants, organizations, residents and particularly,  Mark McHale, of Herth Real Estate, whom had launched a fundraising campaign to help offset the lost supplies and damage.  Thru Mark’s efforts, Herth Real Estate was able to raise more than $16,000 for the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy in Image just a few short weeks!  This incredible amount of support spread even further and the school has received more than $20,000 at this point!  Way to go Mark for being one of our local Castro community heroes!   If you would like to make a donation securely on-line, you can do so directly to the school’s PayPal site –  www.harveymilk.com

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