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Here Come The Girls! New Lesbian Flag Flying

Lesbian Flag

Move over Bears, Bi-sexuals, Transgender and Leather flags!  The girls are flying high in the Castro with the new Lesbian flag!  Oh yes, you go girls!                   


Today We Are More American

Today We Are More American.

Today We Are More American

IMG_2775 As our nation celebrates it 237th birthday or Independence Day, its truly a new day in America. With the re-instatement of same-sex marriages in California after a 5 year suspension based on hate, the Federal Government’s recognition of marriage equality in states supporting same-sex marriages, has been monumental. Although so much more work has to be done, today we are more American.

San Francisco Women Celebrate Today!

San Francisco Women Celebrate Today!.

Happy Pride Weekend from San Francisco!

Pink Triangle 2010Today, San Francisco kicks off Pride Weekend with the installation of the Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks! Its so large that it can be seen for 20 miles and will remain up for the next 48 hours. Obviously we celebrate Pride in a very BIG way. Have a FUN and safe Pride everyone!

A NEW Day for America!

A NEW Day for America!.

A NEW Day for America!

Today we are more American Flag
With the U.S. Supreme Court’s historical decision towards marriage equality yesterday, June 26, 2013, a new America has emerged. Huge Castro celebration in San Francisco!